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Solving the back hair problem one man at a time™

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1. Why do I have back hair?
Because you're a real man. And damnit if you were living in a cave, hunting dinosaurs you would be comfortable in your self sustaining coat.

But in society today you don't need it. You inherited this from your ancestors. You were probably afflicted when you were in your twenties and you didn't see it coming, and you were cursed a little.

2. Should I leave my back hair alone?
No. Just because your have it doesn't make it good. Just because your body produces it, doesn't mean you should keep it around. Women shave their arm pits, and legs, trim their nails. Do not just live with back hair.

3. What's wrong with my back hair?
Back hair, and shoulder hair sucks.
- When you sweat it stinks.
- Women hate it.
- It looks horrible.
- It makes you look like a slob.
- It makes you look out of shape.
- It makes you look unattractive.
- It makes you look like a joke.
- It is disgusting.

4. Why are people so superficial, why can't people accept me for who I am.
You are the biggest hypocrite on the planet. Firstly, you wouldn't look at, let alone date a woman with hairy legs, or pits. And you certainly would choose a Playboy centerfold over a morbidly obese woman. You aren't evil, humans are animals and we're programmed to seek out attractive mates. The reason is attractiveness and being healthy are synonymous to your reptilian brain. Taking the consideration to deal with your back hair is your duty.

5. Okay I get it, so help me solve the problem! What do I DO!!

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