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What kind of woman likes back hair?
Two kinds of women like back hair: forty year old's and freaks.
Back in the 1980's Tom Selleck made hairy chested guys sexy.

Figure 1: Magnum P.I. 1980's Pro Hairy Guy Culture

High school guys all over America prayed for chest hair. They knew the girls loved it. Those whose wish came true were damned with the side effect-- back hair and shoulder hair. Women who were teens back then, and are now in their forties+, will say they "don't care". In other words, sure it kinda sucks, but you know I like hairy chests. And you know women guys, once they like you they can live with just about all your disgusting habits. Give them credit, they can love you through it all. Problem is if you're looking for a young hottie, she ain't gonna give you the chance to know you and eventually your disgusting attributes if you have back hair.

And who wants to date a forty-year-old anyway? Who's left? Freaky chicks who think your are the reincarnation of their long lost teddy bear. They think you are a big sweet teddy bear.

Okay, so skip that. Any others? The answer is no.
If you want to date hot chicks you MUST GET RID OF YOUR BACK HAIR.

Figure 2: Magnum P.I. Please Note Tom Selleck has no back hair, and no shoulder hair. He does have a hairy chest.

Who can I blame for labeling hairy guys freaks?
Culture changed. Bodybuilders hurt us hairy guys by shaving it all to show off their muscle definition. The nail in the coffin was Brad Pitt in the movie Thelma and Louise. Brad entered the bathroom a no name actor, he exitted the bathroom hairless, and every American woman's dream man. Thank Brad Pitt for shifting the cultural tastes of women from "hairy guys are cool" to "hairy guys are complete freaks."

Figure 3:  Hair is cool, c. 1980. Figure 4:  Hairless is cool, and hairy sucks, c. 1998

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